Under the Hood

novelWriter is built with platform independent tools. It is coded in Python 3 on the Qt 5 GUI framework, connecting the two with PyQt5.

novelWriter is tested regularly on Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and macOS. It may also run on other platform where the Qt library and Python is available.

Releases of novelWriter

novelWriter is currently in beta, getting ready for the first major release. The latest beta release can be installed from with:

pip install --pre novelWriter

Alternatively, you can clone the repository on GitHub, or download the code as a tar.gz or zip file. You currently have to run the application from the command line as a Python application. Further instructions are available on the repository page and in the documentation. Install packages will be provided at a later time.

Latest Release Notes

  • Release 1.0 Beta 5
    This is the fifth beta release. The previous release was supposed to be the last beta release, but due to a bug in the Build Novel Project tool, I decided to make a new, and hopefully final, beta release ahead of schedule. The bug in the Build Novel Project tool is related to running the … Continue reading Release 1.0 Beta 5

Windows Installer

The Inno Setup logo

An installer has been created with Inno Setup, available on the releases page on GitHub. You can download the latest version here: novelWriter 1.0 beta 5.