This page includes all available packages for the latest release.

When pre-release packages for the next version of novelWriter are available, these release packages are also listed on this page. When there is no pre-release available, the section is empty.

You can find more information on how to set up novelWriter on the Setup and Installation page of the documentation.

Latest Release#

Release Version: Version 2.5
Release Date: July 10, 2024
Release Notes: Release 2.5
GitHub Release: GitHub



The AppImage should run on any recent Linux distro. See the AppImage website for more info.

Download: novelWriter-2.5.AppImage [ 94.6 MB ]
Checksum: 43be11f6a304f86446ab4c9c6be45de43d1b0311db5a1b9f042d249aa7b74175 ShaSum File
Debian Package

The package is built for Debian, but should also work for Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Download: novelwriter_2.5_all.deb [ 3.59 MB ]
Checksum: 419b6a0711414a0bfb0ec53d899d778fd9ea03578d4c9e1eca4d511db3814eef ShaSum File


Setup Installer

This is a standard setup installer for Windows. It is made for Windows 10 or newer.

Download: novelwriter-2.5-amd64-setup.exe [ 45.9 MB ]
Checksum: f12ee45a74e31ea933501de72ba9192725faec76012894cf1c008500f710c7e9 ShaSum File


DMG Image for Intel

This is a DMG image for MacOS with x86_64 architecture. It is built on MacOS 12.

Download: novelWriter-2.5-x86_64.dmg [ 93.0 MB ]
Checksum: 0ddf08536906308696a2737261692bb6d552b5e9453a083d235ac102bbbd12ec ShaSum File
DMG Image for Apple Silicon (M1)

This is a DMG image for MacOS with aarch64 architecture. It is built on MacOS 14.

Download: novelWriter-2.5-aarch64.dmg [ 71.7 MB ]
Checksum: d1aa6aa1226ad6c0d65dc7649c208306400a3e3d59bdc13f3595a006fd023b71 ShaSum File

Other Packages#

Python Wheel

The Wheel package can be installed with pip install <file_path>.

Download: novelWriter-2.5-py3-none-any.whl [ 4.09 MB ]
Checksum: 7bcafa57e9fd0d8ff481c5f845f5762df62f64e80d23efd3af97f282d67e262b ShaSum File

Source Code The source code packages are archived files of the entire source code. See also the novelWriter Repository.

Latest Pre-Release#

There is currently no pre-release available …