This page includes all available packages for the latest release.

When pre-release packages for the next version of novelWriter are available, these release packages are also listed on this page. When there is no pre-release available, the section is empty.

You can find more information on how to set up novelWriter on the Getting Started page of the documentation.

Latest Release#

Release Version: Version 2.0.6
Release Date: February 26, 2023
Release Page: GitHub
Release Notes

This is a patch release that fixes a few minor bugs and a broken feature.

When opening a document from the Novel Tree or Outline View, the Project Tree would receive focus even when it was hidden. This has been corrected and no focus change is made. The Project Tree now also receives focus automatically when a new Project Item is created.

The backlinks in the Reference Panel below the Document Viewer were no longer working. They have now been fixed. They were broken due to a change in the link format in 2.0.

Detailed Changelog


  • The Reference Panel link would no longer recognise the new, shorter links after the 2.0 project index change. The explicit check has now been made more lenient and will accept any link that is at least 13 characters long (the length of a document handle). Test coverage has been added for handling Reference Panel links. Issue #1378. PR #1379.

  • The setSelectedItem method of the project tree class had a setFocus() call. It should not do this as global focus is handled by the main GUI class, and doing this explicitly in the setSelectedItem method is presumptuous. Issue #1369. PR #1379.

Usability Fixes

  • When creating new items in the project tree via shortcuts, the project tree receives focus. Since these actions can be accessed when the project tree does not have focus, a user would have to switch focus to be able to open new items. The tree now automatically receives focus when a new item is created. Issue #1376. PR #1379.



The AppImage should run on any recent Linux distro. See the AppImage website for more info.

Checksum: 98380ccd8dee025f4839bddcbf1b0140c57b92c911be9081980d4bfdde10e03c ShaSum File
AppImage (Legacy)

For older Linux distros you may need to download this AppImage instead.

Checksum: d7d99b7b4b598e51044a81edb6c4c17de90823ecfc9cb210df069bb8e88a3f6b ShaSum File
Debian Package

The package is built for Debian, but should also work for Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Download: novelwriter_2.0.6_all.deb [ 1.91 MB ]
Checksum: 3c64d0b21b23096f0ba3b0d210d947a83c2cc0859f9b53b1a35137c4f2bb66d8 ShaSum File


Setup Installer

This is a standard setup installer for Windows. It is made for Windows 10 or newer.

Checksum: 370ce821eedc01b8173a17c771543a7f62c2d6f5b120b00994fc34dbdca53d1a ShaSum File


DMG Image

This is a DMG image for MacOS, and should work on MacOS 10 or higher.

Download: novelWriter-2.0.6-macos.dmg [ 95.7 MB ]
Checksum: 8e5f12110b5f3b93a6445d34a5b5e45bab0167b3474690f9aa1b8fd5bcfde9c8 ShaSum File

Other Packages#

Python Wheel

The Wheel package can be installed with pip install <file_path>.

Checksum: 383e8c54ab4395b5c712156dae5aa23a828725689b964f9dd69bf8b9a58befbc ShaSum File

Source Code The source code packages are archived files of the entire source code. See also the novelWriter Repository.

Latest Pre-Release#

There are currently no pre-releases available …