Many people have contributed to novelWriter over the years. Mostly through ideas and feedback, but also through contributions to the code or by adding translations into other languages than English.

There is a full list of credits available on GitHub and in the About dialog inside novelWriter.

Want to Help?#

The project is not currently taking major contribution to the source code. This is in part due to on-going refactoring efforts, and due to major components being replaced with new code.

In the past, help with making new packages of novelWriter for distribution has been requested. At the current time, though, most of those have been met by contributors.

There are still ways to help out though. Here are a few options:

New Translations#

A decent number of languages are already available in novelWriter thanks to efforts by contributors, but there are many more to be added.

If you feel like taking on the job of translating the novelWriter GUI into a new language, send me a message on the project page on Crowdin. New languages have to be added manually before they can be translated.

Updating Translations#

Translations are in constant need of being updated as new strings are added when new GUI elements are added to novelWriter.

You can look through the list of languages on the Crowdin project page and see if there are any languages not at 100%, and complete them. All new translations have to be approved before they go live. This is usually done by the original translator of each language.

Issues Marked “Help Wanted”#

Sometimes there are issue tickets in the main novelWriter project page marked as help wanted. This means they are specific issues where contributor assistance would be appreciated. Even if you don’t know how to write the code, adding your knowledge to the discussion may still be helpful.

New Feature Ideas#

A lot of the nice and convenient feature in novelWriter are there because a writer who uses the app at some point though: “well, wouldn’t this be nice to have”, and proceeded to post their idea on the project page on GitHub. Please check that your idea has not already been suggested. You are of course free to add your input to existing ideas as well.

New ideas are always welcome. However, since novelWriter has a very specific purpose and scope, there are features that will not be implemented because they distract from its purpose. Some of the more common of those are listed in a specific “Frequently Requested Features” issue. Please check there first.