Release 1.0

Based on my own testing and usage, and no serious bugs discovered in quite some time (aside from a few corner case issues), it appears that novelWriter is stable enough for a 1.0 release. Thanks to all the new users who keep providing feedback on bugs, cosmetic issues, or suggesting improvements and new features. I’m glad to hear that others find my application useful, and I will keep making improvements as I get new suggestions and have new ideas myself. At the same time, I will continue to keep novelWriter simple and clean and avoid feature-bloat.

This release mainly fixes cosmetic and other minor issues to the user interface and makes a few minor improvements to some less used features. Aside from this, nothing major has changed since the last release candidate.

This release concludes over two years of tinkering with this project. The project grew out of numerous lunch and coffee discussions with my colleague Marian Lückhof at my former job. We were both looking for a tool for writing novels on Linux that suited our needs. We started assembling a wish list of features that has become novelWriter. In addition, users on GitHub have continued to test new features, provide very helpful feedback, and make new suggestions for improvements. Especially the feedback from @johnblommers has been helpful during much of the initial development time. Over the last months more users have started posting ideas and feedback. Thanks to all of you for your contributions.

The 1.0 release is intended as a first release of the core features of novelWriter. That does not mean that all planned features have been fully implemented. There is a long list of ideas and suggestions to consider and implement. New ideas and suggestions are welcome. Either as feature requests in the issue tracker, or if not fully formed, can be discussed on the discussions page.

Patch 1.0.1

This patch is mainly to bring the documentation up to date, as I forgot to update the install instructions in the original 1.0 release. I also forgot to change the various settings and help texts that describe novelWriter as under initial development (beta state).

Some minor improvements have been made to the “Edit Project Item” dialog and some restrictions on the settings available for documents created in the “Outtakes” folder relaxed. A few minor issues with the document and project changed icons on the status bar have also been resolved. The indicators were previously set to changed status even if no actual change had been made to the project.

Full release notes are available on GutHub.

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