Release 1.0 RC 2

This second release candidate for 1.0 comes with only minor changes and improvements, and a handful of minor bugfixes.

Among the improvements is the addition of all the possible @-keywords for tags and references to the “Insert” menu under the sub-menu “Tags and References”. The “Help” menu has also received a few improvements and additional links to useful webpages. This release also adds a “Release” notes tab to the “About novelWriter” dialog. The release notes are displayed automatically the first time you launch novelWriter after updating to a new version.

Among the fixes is better support for high resolution screens. A few elements on the GUI did not scale properly, among them the document editor and viewer header and footer. These were clipped on high res screens due to an underlying issue with the Qt widget underestimating how much space it required to accommodate the text. Unfortunately, dragging the novelWriter app between screens of different scaling factors is not currently supported. However, the GUI should scale properly to the scaling factor on the screen it is opened on.

The work leading up to this release has mostly been focused on improving the test coverage of the source code of novelWriter. This helps to ensure that the code does what it is intended to do, and is able to handle corner cases and unexpected external errors and user actions that may occur. While writing these tests, a number of minor potential issues have been uncovered and handled. Most of these are corner cases that may not even be reachable by unexpected user actions.

Hopefully, these changes have resulted in an even more stable version of novelWriter. If no more issues are discovered, the next release will be the final version 1.0 release.

The full changelog for this release is availableĀ here.

One thought on “Release 1.0 RC 2

  1. Hello!

    I just want to say that I recently started to write my first novel. However, I am not a complete novice when it comes to novel writing software – I have tested almost everything there is out there on various platforms etc. I am very picky when it comes to this.

    So, I have been testing your novelWriter for the last few days and I must say this – BRILLIANT product this is!!! This is by far THE best choice for me, exactly what I need.

    And works great on my LG widescreen monitor as well, btw.

    Thank you very much, developers and keep up such a good work! I can clearly see a huge potential in novelWriter!

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