Release 1.0 Beta 5

This is the fifth beta release. The previous release was supposed to be the last beta release, but due to a bug in the Build Novel Project tool, I decided to make a new, and hopefully final, beta release ahead of schedule.

The bug in the Build Novel Project tool is related to running the build on a system using Qt libraries older than version 5.14. The latest Qt library version is 5.15.1, and if you install them from PyPi, those are what you get. However, since the bug caused a crash, it was necessary to make a new release fixing this.

There are also a few other changes worth noting in this release.

New Features

A few minor additions have been made:

  • An option to hide vertical and horizontal scroll bars on the main GUI widgets have been added. The scroll bars that are hidden with this option are the scroll bars on the project tree, the document editor and viewer, and the outline tab. When the scroll bars are hidden, you can only scroll with the mouse wheel.
  • An option to keep the cursor stationary in the document editor, if possible. This is sometimes referred to as “Typewriter Mode” in other editors, or so I’ve noticed. It basically means that the editor will try to keep the line you’re currently writing on as stationary as possible in the editor and instead scroll the window. It is a much more pleasant writing experience when you don’t have to move your hand to the mouse to avoid having to write at the bottom of the window. The setting comes with an option of where in the window to keep the cursor. You can choose from 10% to 90% from the top. The default value is 40%. This feature kicks in when the document is long enough for this to be possible, and works best if you have the “Scroll Past End” option enabled as well (on by default).

More minor changes and feature improvements have been added. Check out the full changelog for more details.

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