Release 1.0 Beta 4

This is the fourth beta release, and hopefully the last one, before the release candidates for 1.0. I’ve made a number of feature changes in the beta releases, as well as bug fixes. When I begin the release candidates, there should be only minor tweaks and bug fixes in each release towards 1.0.

This release contains a number of minor tweaks and improvements. Minor changes have been made to the GUI to for instance the formatting of numbers. They should now follow the language settings of the local operating system. A number if user-triggered tasks, that may take some time to process, have also received a spin/wait cursor while the GUI is blocked.

Improvements to the “Build Novel Project” Tool

Screenshot of the improved Build Novel Project tool, with scroll bar(s) for the settings panel.

The Build Novel Project tool has received a number of improvements. The settings panel is now wrapped in a scrollable area to allow for more settings to be added without the dialog window itself needing to grow. In addition, the splitter between the settings panel and the document preview can be changed.

A new option has been added as well to allow the user to control whether tabs in the text is replaced by spaces or not. Previously, tabs were always stripped for HTML output. Most browsers and HTML viewers ignore tabs. However, if the HTML file is intended for import into a word processor, like Libre Office Writer, you’d want to preserve the tabs. This setting allows you to do just that.

Bug Fixes

A number of smaller bugs have been corrected. These were mostly non-critical and handled, but nevertheless unwanted and unnecessary.

A particularly annoying one occurred when there was no Trash folder in the project (the Trash folder is created the first time you delete a file). In that case, the logic that detected if a file or folder is in the trash folder would give the wrong result in some cases. That meant that restrictions applied to elements in the Trash folder was sometimes also applied to other elements. For instance, right clicking a Root folder would not let you create a new file in it. That makes no sense. You could still do it from the menu though.

Other, minor fixes, has been made to a bug in the word counter for subsections of a document, some weird error messages when cancelling certain dialogs, and some inconsistencies in spell checking between different spell check dictionary providers.

Performance Improvements

The Document Editor and Build Novel Project tool has received performance improvements that are generally only relevant for very large documents. An upper limit to how large documents novelWriter is willing to handle has also been set. This is 5 MB for a single document (roughly equivalent to the whole Bible), and 10 MB for a total size of the built project in the Build Novel Project tool.

The Build Novel Project tool will reject single documents larger than 5 MB, and not display results of larger than 10 MB. Projects larger than 10 MB can still be built, but some of the export options will be disabled. For reference, a typical long novel is about 1 MB in size. A Tale of Two Cities, for instance, is just under 800 kB, while Moby Dick is about 1.2 MB.

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